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29th-May-2013 09:19 am - Nice way to start the day
DP fangirl
That moment when you stumble across someone on Tumblr posting reactions as they read your fanfic. Totally made my day.

Oh, and I have a MyAibou Tumblr now. Anyone else on there so I can follow you? DW/LJ seem to be slowly dying off, but fandom is alive and well on Tumblr. (Not a big fan of the format, personally, but you gotta go where the action is, I guess.)

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1st-May-2013 01:03 pm - Showing off the shiny
DP Never give up
^ Lookie what I got (points to icon). :)

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30th-Apr-2013 01:50 pm - I won Camp NaNoWriMo
DP Never give up
I did it! Not only did I pass my (updated) goal of 20K words, I passed 25K! That's half a regular NaNoWriMo. Considering my extremely limited schedule (although getting a lot of unexpected time off when all my work shows were canceled for Boston Marathon bombing coverage gave me more time than I was expecting), I'm pretty pleased I could get out 25K words in a month. A lot of it's freewriting, but the freewriting kept me on task and gave me lots of good new ideas, so... :)

ETA: At the close of camp, my official count is 26,270. Woohoo!!!!

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DP Never give up
Here's a new one for me in my writing: a triple quote (quote within a quote within a quote.) I have a character reading aloud from a book a passage that contains dialogue. So " " around what my character is saying, ' ' around the passage she's reading, and " " around the dialogue within the passage she's reading. Funky.


Sue picked up the Bible. "According to Matthew 19:15, 'Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not stop them; for it is to such as these that the kingdom of heaven belongs."'"

And speaking of writing, I'm over 23,000 words in my Camp NaNoWriMo story. My original goal was 10,000. I upped it to 15,000 when I passed 10,000, then upped it to 20,000 when I passed 15,000. Now it looks like I might get close to (or dare I hope, make?) 25,000. That's half a regular NaNoWriMo. Not bad for someone with my schedule. :)

(A good chunk is freewriting that'll get jettisoned in editing, but I'm just psyched to be motoring along on a story again.) :)

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2nd-Apr-2013 12:17 pm - Camp NaNoWriMo Day One
DP Never give up
1148 words! Woohoo!! Okay, some of it was freewriting and not story proper, but words are words. :)

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DP Never give up
Gonna make a plug here for a friend of mine, author Aaron Allston, who has just released a book on plotting (e-book only atm) called Plotting: A Novelist's Workout Guide.

If you're a Star Wars or Terminator fan, you might have read some of his licensed books for those universes, but let me give you my personal plug. I have a BA in Creative Writing, so I've had a lot of writing professors, and that experience made me completely quit writing for five years after I graduated college.

Fanfic got me back into it again, and I attended a few writing workshops at Origins Con by Aaron and fellow Star Wars author Mike Stackpole and LOVED them. I mean seriously LOVED them. I've been to many of them over the last few years, some of the sessions multiple times, and I never fail to learn something new that helps me greatly improve my writing. I learned more from Aaron than all of my college writing professors combined.

I've also read this book and found it very helpful, especially for getting past being "stuck" and other plotting issues. And the best thing about Aaron is he's totally pro-fanfic and isn't a snob about published authors being "real" writers while fanfic writers aren't. Anyone who writes is a "real" writer. And his philosophy isn't that you have to do it HIS way, but rather he presents a series of tools he's found useful and encourages you to see which ones might work for your own individual toolbox. His style is fun to read and there are some exercises that you can do (or not).

So seriously, not recommending this to spam anyone or because he's my friend, but because I know I'm a better writer because of his help. You can check out his site for info on this and other books he's written, or just go straight to the Amazon Kindle store. Check it out if you love writing fiction and want to get better.

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28th-Dec-2012 06:50 pm - Year End Fandom Meme
DP fangirl
Gakked from [personal profile] rroselavy

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3rd-Dec-2012 10:04 am - Review Reply to "S" (Alibi ch. 14)
DP Never give up
Sorry to post this here, but I got another guest review that deserved a response, so this was the only place I could really post it. Hope "S" sees it.

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20th-Nov-2012 12:03 pm - Anonymous review reply (Alibi ch. 1)
DP Never give up
I wish people would leave a way to respond to a review if they're going to ask questions, but in case my anonymous reviewer looks here:

me like so far:Doing good. Very clean writing(as usual, you must have good
beta's too) no confusion as to who's talking or who's POV it is. So is this
going to be slash? I'm a little confused. But I like the irony and how you
make Dash more human and intelligent. Not just some bully. It'd be kinda cool
if you snuck in there why you think he beat up on Danny. I found each writer
has a unique and cool spin on that. Anyways I look forward to more chapters!

Thank you! Yes, I have FANTASTIC (and VERY PATIENT) betas! I'm very lucky.

No, the story is not going to be slash. I actually posted in the summary and in the authors notes at the beginning of the chapter that there would be no slash, and no romance. A gay man can have male friends without being attracted to them. Dash's sexual orientation is a parallel to Danny's secret and what it's like to have to hide part of who you are from the world out of fear. There is no sex in this story at all.

I always thought Dash was more well-rounded on the show than just the bully. Yes, he did a lot of horrible things and sometimes acted like an idiot, but we also saw him team up with Danny on several occasions. Similarly, I thought Paulina had more depth than just the "mean girl." I don't really like when either of them are portrayed as just mean or bullies in fics, because I think it misses the nuances Butch Hartman and the writing team on the show actually put into the characters. Also, the fact that Dash is so similar to Flash Thompson from Spider-Man is what made me think that Dash, like, Flash, would grow out of his bullying and end up friends with the hero after high school.

As for why he beat up Danny, he actually talks about that in my other fic, Ghosts in the Closet.

Thanks for reviewing!

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19th-Nov-2012 10:08 pm - New fic - Alibi
DP Never give up
I just posted the first chapter of a new Danny Phantom fic, Alibi. It's Dash's arc, how he goes from being the high-school bully to finding his place in the world. No romance (shocking for me, I know!). It sort of a companion fic to Ghosts in the Closet. Shorter than a novel, but not a short story, either (14 chapters.)

Also, made a cover for it:

by ~myaibou on deviantART

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